Stellar Energy


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Product Description

Launch New Energy Levels Anytime!

Stellar Energy is your natural rocket booster on the go ready to launch your energy levels in literally minutes. Galexxy’s daytime energy blend is delivered in chewable gummies that give an energy boost lightyear fast.

Stellar Energy promotes focus and energy to kick-start your day or to give your afternoon a new kick. Most people say they notice the difference within 5 to 10 minutes!

Key ingredients include Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shisandra, Rhodiola and Maca Root.

Cordyceps are often touted as a natural energy booster to help improve stamina and are also known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Turkey Tail is used extensively as an antioxidant and immune buster to maintain your energy levels. Schisandra is a perfect adaptogen to boost your vitality, amongst its many other health benefits. Rhodiola is an adaptogen that increases energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity. So it’s the perfect match to blend with Cordyceps and Turkey Tail mushrooms. Maca Root is another excellent adaptogen that increases energy and libido.

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Energy is vital for the proper functioning of the body and is essential for various physiological and biochemical processes. It serves as the fuel that enables the body to perform daily activities, both physically and mentally. Adequate energy is required for the body to maintain balance and function in a wide variety of ways.

It is required for physical activities ranging from basic movements to intense physical exercises. It supports muscle contraction, endurance, and overall physical performance. For hours after an intense workout, energy is needed to repair damaged cells, grow new cells and maintain the overall health of the body.

Energy isn’t just needed for physical activities; the brain is a high energy-consuming organ, and it needs sufficient energy for cognitive processes such as thinking, concentration, memory, recall, and decision-making.

Energy is also crucial for the body’s metabolic processes, including breaking down nutrients and producing the energy that fuels each cell of the body.

The Need for Increased Energy

Increased energy is needed for all physical activities, such as walking, playing tennis, and carrying groceries in from the car. Having adequate energy enhances participation in family and social events, contributing to positive interactions and relationships.

In work settings, higher energy levels can lead to increased productivity at work, allowing individuals to focus, complete tasks efficiently, and meet deadlines. A boost in energy can also help you be an active participant in meetings and deliver effective presentations.

Chronic low energy has several physical consequences, such as reduced immune function, weight gain or loss, cardiovascular problems, and also chronic fatigue. In addition, chronic low energy can also increase stress and anxiety, depression, and impair cognitive function. It can also strain relationships because of reduced participation in social activities, and cause isolation and withdrawal from social interactions. Chronic low energy has also been linked to decreased overall life satisfaction.

How Mushrooms and Adaptogens Boost Your Energy

Cordyceps mushrooms have been shown to enhance energy levels, endurance, and oxygen utilization in the body. They support cellular energy production, improve oxygen efficiency, and may help combat fatigue. They are often used in sports and fitness for improved performance.

Tremella contains polysaccharides that may support skin health and hydration and may contribute to sustained energy levels. They are used in traditional Chinese medicine for vitality and longevity.

Maca is often referred to as an adaptogen and is believed to enhance energy, stamina, and libido by supporting hormonal balance. It also can have positive effects on energy levels and is traditionally used to increase energy and endurance.

Eleuthero, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is recognized as an adaptogen that improves resilience to stress and enhances energy. It supports the adrenal glands, helping the body adapt to stress and maintain energy levels, and is used in traditional medicine for increased vitality and stamina.

See the
Ingredients tab for a list of mushrooms and adaptogens included in Galexxy Stellar Energy.

Extracts from the following mushrooms and plant adaptogens are included in Galexxy Stellar Energy:

  1. Cordyceps

  2. Tremella

  3. Eluethero*

See Benefits of Individual Mushrooms and Adaptogens for more information about each type of mushroom included in Galexxy Stellar Energy.

* Denotes a plant adaptogen.