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Your Natural Cognitive Mind Booster

Unlock your brain's full potential with Laser Focus.
Scientifically formulated with functional mushrooms and adaptogens to support mental clarity, concentration, and focus.

Lion’s Mane has astounding benefits that aid in cognition, focus, creativity and productivity.

Cordyceps are natural energy boosters that help improve stamina. They also provide anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

Korean Ginseng is known for stimulating the body’s receptors to stress, leaving you more focused.

Ginkgo Biloba is a centuries-old adaptogen known for memory support and brain health.

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Do you struggle to concentrate? Are you easily distracted? The mushrooms in Galexxy Laser Focus are cognitive enhancers called Nootropics. They can improve concentration, focus, recall, and memory. 

Why are Nootropics Important? 

Poor concentration hinders productivity and quality of work and impacts your personal and professional life. A new study shows that active compounds in our key ingredient can improve neurogenesis and enhance memory, important for our work life.  

Focus is essential for achieving goals and prioritizing tasks effectively. It enhances your problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and cognitive performance. Mastering focus allows you to manage distractions and stay on track.

What Causes Lack of Focus and Ability to Concentrate?

Stress and anxiety can hinder concentration. Both poor sleep quality and quantity affect cognitive functions, which diminishes focus. Luckily, Galexxy’s powerful products can enhance your cognitive functions and help you get good sleep so you can concentrate on your important tasks.

Short-term Consequences

Over time, our brains are over-taxed with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. The repercussions can lead to a lack of focus and concentration. We have more difficulty in simple recall and learning, and it can hinder our professional and personal growth. 

We can become more forgetful, have impaired decision-making, and reduced multitasking abilities. Personal relationships and communication skills also often suffer, which highlights the importance of maintaining mental acuity and focus.

Long-term Consequences

Maintaining brain health is vital for reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline and diminishing resilience in the face of challenges. The decline in cognitive abilities can impact independence and future quality of life.

Mushrooms: An Unexplored Solution for Brain Health—Until Now

Compounds found in certain mushrooms have been shown to support neuroprotective effects and boost cognitive function by protecting brain cells from oxidative stress. Some mushroom varieties also enhance memory and concentration. 

The nutritional profile of mushrooms with their antioxidant properties contributes to their potential as brain-boosting foods, promoting overall brain health. Studies have shown that including mushrooms in your diet may enhance mental clarity, alertness, and focus.

Which Mushrooms Benefit Brain Health?

  • Lion's Mane offers potential cognitive benefits, including focus.

  • Reishi mushrooms support brain health and focus.

  • Cordyceps mushrooms may enhance energy levels and mental focus.

  • Chaga mushrooms provide antioxidant properties for brain function.

What’s in Mushrooms that Helps Boost the Brain?

Various mushrooms contain unique compounds that support brain health, offering specific benefits for cognitive function and concentration. Research indicates Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which is called Nature's Nootropic by some, promote nerve growth factor production and neuroprotective properties. Incorporating it can aid focus and concentration.

Reishi and Cordyceps, revered in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, offer adaptogenic and antistress properties. Cordyceps enhances oxygen usage and endurance, while both support overall well-being and stress management.


Improving brain health is crucial for maintaining focus and concentration. Consuming brain-boosting mushrooms, such as Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, can provide natural nootropic benefits and support brain function. You can enhance your mental clarity and achieve greater productivity by feeding your brain with the natural compounds found in these mushrooms.

See theIngredients
tab for a list of mushrooms and adaptogens included in Galexxy Laser Focus.

Extracts from the following mushrooms and plant adaptogens are included in Galexxy Laser Focus:

  1. Lion's Mane

  2. Cordyceps

  3. Holy Basil*

  4. Spearmint*

  5. Rosemary*

See Benefits of Individual Mushrooms and Adaptogens for more information about each type of mushroom included in Galexxy Laser Focus.

* Denotes a plant adaptogen.

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