Galexxy FAQ’s

What are the medicinal benefits of functional mushrooms?
We recommend reviewing the Galexxy Science page to discover the many medicinal qualities, research, and the latest discoveries about these super healing wonders.

Are functional mushrooms psychedelic or hallucinogenic?
All of Galexxy’s products are non-psychoactive and non-hallucinogenic. Our products are safe to use for the whole family. Galexxy avoids adding any adaptogens that might be harmful to pets. Our product commitment is to safety, efficacy, and purity for good health.

What are functional mushrooms?
There are thousands of known mushrooms around the world. Functional mushrooms are mushrooms known for their medicinal and health values. Many of these mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for healing and bringing the body back into balance for thousands of years.

Are Galexxy mushrooms organic?
Galexxy’s mushrooms are USDA-certified organic. Galexxy’s adaptogens used in our mushroom blends are USDA-certified organic. Our extraction process follows a natural steam process.

How is Galexxy able to achieve 4x the potency and full spectrum benefits with your products?
Please watch the video on the main website page. We explain Galexxy’s amazing process which sets these mushrooms and our products apart from the rest.

Does Galexxy test for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other toxins?
Yes. We test for heavy metals, microbial, and foreign matter so there are no possible contaminants or chemicals in our products.

Are Galexxy mushrooms grown in North America?
Yes. 100% of Galexxy mushrooms are grown and sourced in North America. Mushrooms grown overseas do not have the stringent regulations that the US and Canada have. They are not required to follow organic processes and we do not want any ingredient to be processed, shipped, or stored, with possible contaminants or chemicals.

Are functional mushrooms legal everywhere?
Functional mushrooms are legal in US, Canada, and across the world.

Should I review with my doctor before taking mushrooms?
If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consulting your healthcare practitioner is advised.

How do I know which mushrooms are right for me?
We have provided information on each product page and also on the Benefits section of the website to determine which mushrooms are right for you. We recommend starting with Core 15 as a part of your daily health routine. We offer specific products to achieve specific benefits.